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As Salaam Alaikum Brothers and Sisters,


We are, InshaAllah, about to begin the blessed month of Ramadan in a few days. I would like to take this opportunity to send greetings on behalf of the Board of AMCO, and pray that this auspicious month bring us good tidings of peace, tranquility, wellbeing and happiness. We all await this month of mercy and forgiveness with great eagerness every year. It is a month in which we are rewarded manifold for our good deeds and for our Ibadaat (worship.)

As you must be aware, AMCO has suspended all activities including IFTARS, 5 DAILY PRAYERS, JUMA AND TARAWEEH in order to avert the possibilities of Coronavirus transmission. This suspension will remain in place until the ban on congregations is lifted. We will be guided in this by the health and state official guidelines and the recommendations of our local and national religious organizations. We will, of course, keep you advised of new developments and/or changes as they take place.

Ramadan has always been associated with community gatherings in the masjid to offer Taraweeh, 5 daily prayers, Friday prayer and Iftaars. Since we will not be having congregational prayers and other activities at the masjid, we need to benefit by using our time together with our families by performing regular prayers, Taraweeh, etc. at home with them, increased recitation of the holy Quran and endeavor, more than ever, in learning & understanding Quran to the best of our ability.

This blessed month is a great opportunity for goodness, worship and obedience towards Allah. Let us seek a meaning in the calamity that this Coronavirus has caused and ask for Allah’s forgiveness by showing sincere repentance for our shortcomings. Let us use this opportunity by increasing charity, and by doing good deeds towards the underprivileged.

AMCO is working with many grass roots organizations in taking care of the poor and the needy. You could contribute your Zakat and Sadaqa money to support that work. Fitra has been fixed at $7.00 per person. We urge you to pay it as soon as possible so that it could reach the deserving well in time. Although the activities remain suspended at AMCO, operational expenses remain the same. We encourage all of you to be proactive in seeking Allah's pleasure and His countless blessings by supporting your masjid.


Fitra / Zakat / Sadaqa/ Masjid Donations can be made through:


1) PayPal link on our webside

2) Quickpay/Zelle:

3) Check: Payable to AMCO, 108 S. Lakewood Rd, LITH, IL 60156


JazakAllah Khair

Jamil A. Azzeh


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